Sacred Saloon Sundays is a project dear to my heart.

It is within this space, that I fuse community, creativity, spirituality and connection together. 

Every last Sunday of the month, participants come together to breathe, eat, to than attain some valuable skill or knowledge together.  

There is so much value in connecting the arts and neuroscience (which can be affected through breathwork) in order to gain synergistic effects and this is what I hope to create with Sacred Saloon Sundays! 

The program begins with a normal Psychedelic Breath® session, followed with a shared light lunch, where participants are invited to bring something of their own to share with the group, making the experience a give and take on all ends,. After the nourishment and connecting to fellow participants, we will have a guest host sharing a skill; jewellery making, flower wreaths, sound bath, discussion on a topic, to name as examples. It is in the creation part where I hope to support local businesses, projects or persons, offering a platform to showcase their skill and share with the community.  

This time together allows for connection, learning and enjoying and is a perfect way to round out the end of the month together creating health for mind, body and soul!