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Psychedelic Breath® is a breathwork technique that allows practitioners to enter non ordinary sates of consciousness. 

The benefits are vast, ranging from emotional, spiritual, mental and physical effects which vary with each practice. 

It is during breathwork that we can change our brainwaves, slowing down the activity in the pre frontal cortex (the part of the brain used for analysing and is home to our inner critic) and move into the present moment, allowing us to move into the infamous flow state. 

Practitioners can feel more relaxed, energised, lighter and over all more centered and grounded after a breathwork session. 

When practiced regularly, many health benefits can be felt and breathing takes on a whole new role in your day to day. 

The breathwork is usually offered in a group setting, 1:1 is also possible. 

Energetic Exchange 

Online (zoom):  15,- 

Group (live):  22,- 

1:1 (in person):  122,-