Moonlight Flower Ritual Soy Wax Candles are hand poured into glass containers and sprinkled with summer picked and dried flowers and herbs. 


There are various scents available. 


Scent Variations


Full Moon Ritual

Notes: lavender, orange, roesmary, ho- wood 


New Moon Ritual

Notes: orange, ceder 


Tea Ritual

Notes: orange, sandalwood, vanilla


Bath Ritual

Notes: lavender, rosemary 


Morning Ritual 

Notes: peppermint, eucalyptus 


Night Ritual 

Notes: lavender, honey 


Self Love Ritual 

Notes: jasmine, cedar, vanilla


Smudge Ritual

Notes: Tonka, Tobacco Flower, Clary Sage


Archangel Ritual

Notes: Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender


Womens Circle

Notes: Fig & Jasmine


Winter Solstice

Notes: Pine, Rosemary, Cedar


Burn time: 

350gr  50+ hours  

125gr  20+ hours


Each candle comes with a lid for scent preservation and will become a absolute highlight, to begin your personal ritual practice.


Through the melting of the wax the dried flowers and herbs swim in the wax, giving off a beautiful visual effect while the subtle scent of essential oils fills your room. 


A candle for the senses, perfect for your personal rituals such as yoga, meditation, breathwork or simply for cosy days at home and as a gift for a loved one! 


If a candle is sold out and you really would like one, please get in touch : ) 


*Please note the decoration on the tops of candles can vary from the images shown here as each piece is unique and handmade. 


    Ritual Candle

    • To make sure your candle lives a long healthy life please make sure when lighting the candle the first time, to always let the wax pool melt completly. Otherwise the candle will burn down in a tunnel. 

      Also trim the wick after use or before lighting, simply by pulling the burnt top off (it will come off easily). 

      For safety: Don't leave your candles unattended or close to things that could catch fire!