Palo Santo also known as holy wood due to its energetic cleansing abilities. 

Its origins trace back to South America where it is often used in a ceremonial context. Due to popularity and growing interest in spirituality and exploration of further depths, this wood has found its way into the western world, where users find themselves lighting this wood during their own personal rituals, before or after prayer, meditation or yoga. Or simply after a long day to center and collect oneself. 


The scent reminds of mint, lemon and pine. A woody citrusy smell that is bound to ground and clear you and your space up! 


Each bundle comes in 2 pieces of wood about 10cm long.

Burning time: is quite long as the wood is only lit up shortly, to then be smudged. So expect to have these for quite a while! 


I personally took great care to source the Palo Santo from a ethical source from Ecuador, as this wood has taken on such popularity and demand. Protecting the tree and its people! 

Palo Santo