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In todays day and age the significance of experience is irreplaceable. 

Especially when most of our daily experiences are rather monotone and rotate for most of us, to a high capacity, around a desk and a screen.


When making scented candles we are using our hands, measuring variables, smelling essential oils, creating a personal scent, checking temperatures and pouring wax. 

A little science, a little bit of handmade and a whole lot of fun! 

With this workshop I give you the opportunity to step behind the scenes of what it involves, to making a soy wax candle and share with you the beauty of making a hand made product which you will get to take home at the end of the course. 

You will learn about scent creation, why and how essential oils can affect us in our daily lives. What different scents can do for you and how we can utilize these to enhance our days, lift moods or help us concentrate. Together we will go through all the steps to making a finished candle, ready to take home and after a 48 hour curation time, light this handmade product up or give to someone as a gift! 

I offer this workshop to groups of around 10 - 12 people. 

As this course involves hot wax, I don't find it suitable for young children and therefore only offer it to adults. 


If this sounds interesting, please get in touch with me