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The act of finding strength in your perceived weakness has been my greatest lesson. Today I stand before you, ready to embrace my vulnerability with full faith, it will lead the way. 

I practice leading with the heart, connecting to your inner world and finding answers from within.  

My main tools for entering these hidden spaces within, encompass breathwork,   reiki & yoga.


I get excited when I think about helping others on their journey of discovering hidden aspects of themselves. Connecting to their inner worlds. Returning to their essence, with the support of these simple yet powerful practices. 


Holding space for connections to be revived

Breath to discover, movement to recover 

The breathwork technique I share with my students is called Psychedelic Breath®. A powerful technique for helping practitioners enter non ordinary states of consciousness.


It is within these realms students can begin to discover, self explore, gain clarity or release something which no longer serves them. 

It is this simple gift of breath that keeps us alive every single day, yet so few people actually understand the power it can have on your wellbeing and overall quality of life, when practiced in a more conscious state. 

This is why I would like to offer myself, by helping more people from all wakes of life, reconnect with their breath, healing themselves one inhale - exhale at a time. 


Apart from teaching and holding space I create self care products for my label, Moonlight Flower (check my shop for more info).