Listen with your heart, you will understand


 - Grandmother Willow 





Listening to your heart, turning off the mind.

Allowing that inner compass, your intuition guide you.

This is what I came to remember.

This is what I teach. 

Over a decade ago I dove head first into the realms behind

the veil and started to connect the dots.  

I realised, there was more than what meets the eye and that nature herself, is our greatest teacher. 

I found, the key to fulfilment lies within, and in order to find the way, 

you need to strengthen the connection to your body and mind. 

Now I wish to hold space for you,

to dive into the layers of your personal universe.

To uncover and discover your truth. 

The truth which resides within your heart. 

What is..



Breathwork stems from the ancient yogis controlled breathing practices known as Prana'yama' in the yoga world. Yet the term Breathwork was first coined in the 1970s.

Basically it is the practice of conscious breathing.

There are various styles, each with its own purpose. 

The benefits:

Health: reduction of anxiety and stress, improved immune function, decreased inflammation, more vitality and energy, better sleep. 

Mental: enhanced clarity, focus, calmness, resilience and improved creativity. 

Emotional: reduce anxiety which can help treat depression and PTSD, mood boosting, ability to process emotions better and faster 

Spiritual: altered states and perception, spiritual insights. Increase of mindfulness and appreciation of life. Ability to move beyond your body and mind. 

Yoga is an ancient mind and body practice originating from India. The word Yoga means union and the practice, meaning the physical aspect of asana (yoga poses) was created to allow the practitioner to enter into a meditative state. Connecting to the breath, your body and therefore the now. There are countless styles catering to a variety of needs. 

The benefits: 

Health: increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone. Improvement of respiration, energy and vitality. Maintaining a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, improve in balance and coordination. 

Mental: sharpens attention and awareness, improves focus and concentration, relieves stress and anxiety. 

Emotional: Grounding benefits of bringing you into the here and now, can help with PTSD and depression, better body image.

Spiritual: greater connection to oneself, strengthening ones intuition and understanding the concept of we are all one and connected. 



© 2020 Constanze Scholz